A New Beginning

I have to admit, the old style of blogging was getting a little stale.  That same brown background, that same style and that familiar, but entirely too long address was starting to get to me… probably to you too!  So, it’s with great pride that I introduce a brand new site designed to titillate the senses!

The general concept behind what was formerly known as “Blogjammin” will be the same.  You’ll still be blessed with my clever musings and heartfelt insight into the worlds of music, politics, sports, etc.  However, the new site should be more user-friendly, with a few new features and a cleaner look.

For example, I’ll be introducing a “Weekly Jam!” feature that will allow you to take a minute to listen to whatever song is burning up my Ipod at the moment.  I’ve also included a “Video” section.  In this category I’ll be adding various clips from Youtube (or any other source) that I’ve found terribly exciting.  You’ll also see a tab for an upcoming “Podcast” feature… this one is still in the works, stay tuned.

Updates will splash across the main page, just as they did with the old blog.  However, the archives will now be divided up into separate sections, allowing you to get your fix of a certain topic without wading through the rest.  This should prove especially useful for those of you uninterested in certain topics… Jeff.

Please leave any feedback about the new site below!  I’ll be fumbling around for a few weeks, making mistakes and trying new things.  Since this project is under construction you’ll be seeing odd things pop up from time to time… just hold on for a minute, I’ll try to fix it.  Otherwise, enjoy!


5 Responses to “A New Beginning”

  1. Cory Says:

    Just testing… nothing to see here.

  2. Joshua Says:

    Hey man, just wanted to tell you right on, loving the layout of the new site and the idea behind it. Hope things continue to be a-some!

  3. Warren Says:

    This is looking good man! Can’t wait to check out your new bloggin ideas here. I will be sure to change my link on my website to point here.

  4. Derek Says:

    Always trying to one-up the competition eh? I’ll just send all my emails to what i’m sure will be your new email address, cory@grahammail.com

  5. Derek Says:

    oh, but nice page by the way. I had forgotten my purpose for even messaging.

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