… and Beatle Bob Rejoices

England’s swingenest shindiggers have returned from a two-year lull to bring us yet another dancin’ jam, poised to rock what’s left of your socks right off of your ankles.  “Grip Like A Vice” hit the internet yesterday with the happy-go-lucky force of two thousand booty-shakin’ atomic bombs.  What could possibly be more fun than hearing the new Go! Team record?  Why, hearing it on this site, of course!

I’d suggest that you sit back, relax and enjoy the Go! Team flavor, but I figure it’s in your best interest to step back from the keyboard and clear a ten-foot radius… for two reasons:

1.  The likelihood of your computer speakers actually exploding due to the shocking level of rock being brought forth could cause severe injury.

2.  Not even C. Everett Koop can cure the raging dance fever that is likely to overcome your body, sending you spinning into all directions and possibly injuring yourself.

Enough blathering… here it is.

The Go! Team – Grip Like A Vice 


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