Across The Universe

In case you’ve missed it, there’s a movie trailer that I’d like to share. Julie Taymor (who brought us the subtle-yet-stunning visuals of Frida) will be unveiling her first film in five years this summer, Across The Universe. Visually, it looks to be an incredible treat in that Baz Luhrmann, hyper-stylized/explosive color/surrealist visual kinda way, set in and around New York in the 1960’s. The trailer slowly evolves from what looks like “a pretty good movie” into “hmm, that looks different,” before eventually breaking into “what the hell is going on!?”

Of course, trailers are often deceptive, and as Kevin Hall said, “this really does have to be the greatest film ever made or the absolute worst.” We can all continue holding our breath until September 28th when it finally hits theaters, but for now we can just keep watching this incredible trailer over and over again.

For whatever reason, I actually still have faith in this film, despite the fact that the characters are named Jude, Lucy, Max, Sadie, JoJo, Prudence and Mr. Kite. If you don’t notice a common thread there, then just don’t worry about it… you’ll avoid the headache that comes with being repeatedly whacked on the noggin with a theme.


11 Responses to “Across The Universe”

  1. Jefffffffff Says:

    I gots to say, this film looks like trash until the last twenty seconds or so, and even then, there’s some visuals that I think might be better served in the one-second-long duration we’re currently getting.

    Two things, no insults intended– I think calling anything in Frida “subtle” is pretty far off. Unless I missed any of the subtle visuals because my frickin’ EYES WERE ROLLED BACK INTO MAH FRICKIN’ HEAD FOR MOST OF THE FILM! Which pains me to say, because Taymor’s Titus is one of my favorite movies (also, no subtle visuals there, but striking to the point that the’re not laughable or over-the-top, like I saw Frida or how this movie might end up).

    Secondly– how many times have I heard Kevin Hall say something is going to either be “The worst thing ever or the best thing ever?” Don’t get me wrong, I LOVES me some Kevin Hall– a better man shan’t you find– but I’m confident I’ve heard him say that some six thousand times over the short duration I’ve known him.

    Using the Beatles as a soundtrack was an interesting idea that has never worked, save A Hard Day’s Night, of course. (Even the Beatles’ own Help and Magical Mystery Tour [ESPECIALLY m.m.t] were boring, with the music almost mis-used for most of it). Does anyone remember I Am Sam? Not only did that movie make me want to shit blood and piss shit, the soundtrack made me want to shit shit and cut off my fingers, and then shove them into my ears.

    All I’m saying is using the most famous band in the world’s music as your backing soundtrack isn’t the most original idea ever. If done properly it might be interesting, because everyone in the world knows almost every one of their songs by heart (even Mr. Graham who must have been involved in some sort of cult dealings as a child, as his mind has been warped just enough to prevent him from ever loving the Beatles). But essentially, this all boils down to, BRING THE BOYS BACK HOME!! BRING THE BOYS BACK HOME!! Wait, wait, I forgot what I was posting about. Something about I Am Sam, right? I can’t believe Sean Penn got nominated for that fucking trash-heap. And Sean Penn… don’t get me started. That guy just seems like a dick. I can’t believe he married Madonna. Or did he marry her? I can’t remember. Also, isn’t Madonna starting to look old? In conclusion, Madonna is starting to look old, but I’d still tap the ho. PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111


  2. corygraham Says:

    This is exactly why I wish upon a star every single night that Jeff would start his own blog.

  3. Jefffffffff Says:

    I wish I could edit that first comment. When I say “Using the Beatles as a soundtrack was an interesting idea…”, I meant to say “uninteresting”. Which is why I then say “…using the most famous band in the world’s music as your backing soundtrack isn’t the most original idea ever…”. sorry about that

    And I might end up starting a blog on video games soon, which would be of zero interest to about everyone


  4. Kevin Says:

    jeff, if you write a blog, it will either be the best blog of all time or the worst blog of all time…

  5. Aaron Saylor Says:

    This film sucks. And I agree with Jeff — and I said the same thing to Kevin before this post was ever written — that the trailer doesn’t do much for me until the end, where it seems to get kind of weird. Prior to that, it’s just overwrought. You know, I think at this point in our lives we all probably get it… people come of age…. The real world is a harsh place where innocent dreams go to die… British people wish they had American teeth…. The Beatles suck. All rather commonly accepted truths that this movie seems to touch on for the 10,000th time.

  6. corygraham Says:

    Oooh, the controversy!

    Personally, I think the film looks terrific from start to finish. I honestly couldn’t care less whether it’s set to the music of The Beatles, Twisted Sister or Wasteland (David Rogers’ high school-era band), it looks interesting. When the “weird” stuff kicks in at the very end, it gets even more interesting… thus, I’m in.

    Besides, it gives me something to look forward to other than Transformers (which I’m almost sure will suck) and The Rise of the Silver Surfer (which will definitely suck despite looking really cool). Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to duck under the desk to avoid the flurry of objects that Jeff and Aaron will undoubtedly being throwing at me.

  7. Aaron Saylor Says:

    No need to duck. I thought exactly the same thing about Moulin Rouge and ended up liking it a lot once I finally saw it… 2 or 3 years later.

    I look forward to the Transformers and Fantastic Four movie, even though I fully expect both to suck. But, I will find out if they suck on their opening days. And is it just me, or is that shot in transfers where the big scorpion robot is coming up out of the desert, chasing the soldiers, a direct lift from Starship Troopers?

  8. Kevin Says:

    There’s also a sequence with Optimus Prime that might be lifted from Weekend at Bernie’s 2.

    I will say this about the Transformers and Fantastic Four: I, too, fully expect them to suck but I’m truly praying to the movie gods that I’m wrong.

  9. Daylan Says:

    Uhm, I was in Wasteland too.

  10. corygraham Says:

    Jesus, I’m sorry Daylan! I tried to remember the lineup, but it just wouldn’t come to me.

    For the record, Daylan was a member of Wasteland and my memory is shite.

  11. Daylan Says:

    If I can recall, other members at times included Eric Polk, Chris Chaney, and John Micah Crowe, who went on to fame with Mulligan.

    Great. Now I sound like I’m in a Bon Jovi song.

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