Podcast 5-22-07

Well, it took some doin’ but the first stab at the Cory-Graham.com podcast is up and running. Don’t expect anything too grand, as it’s mostly just a “let’s see how this works” kind of thing, but you’ll get the idea. For those of you using Itunes, you’ll notice a button that allows you to subscribe to the feed. Through the wonders of the internet, you’ll then be blessed with my voice and blazing new tunes each and every time this feature updates.


Of course, not everyone uses Itunes, so any podcast updates will be splashed right here across the main page. Just click the nifty button on your right that I’ve cleverly labelled “Podcasts!” (remember, that’s the one with the exclamation point and little orange box, not the one listed under the Categories section) and you’ll be on your way.

Be warned, it’s less than impressive. I have big plans for the podcast feature in the coming weeks and months, but for now I’m just getting the hang of the technology. So, as I get my feet wet, you can enjoy a few tracks from Guided By Voices, Manic Street Preachers, Apples In Stereo and Dinosaur Jr. And, well, a little bit of rambling.


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