Weekly Jam! (5-28-07)

This week’s jam comes to us via the Atlantic Ocean, from the distant world of England. To steal from the Wikipedia entry: Lidell is known for layering tracks made with his voice into a microphone, performing the percussion and melody as a sequenced beatboxing one-man band. Then over his augmented voices, he sings soul-inspired songs.

Granted, that may sound entirely too confusing or unpleasant… but I assure you that it isn’t. Lidell’s music is complicated and exciting, while remaining comfortable and soothing.

The song, “Multiply,” is a big, soulful number, hearkening back to the days of Al Green & Sly Stone. The beauty of the song isn’t its strange or complicated method of assembly, but rather its seamless, soulful feel. It’s that rare track that can so thoroughly please the snobbiest of indie kids and their most ardent opposition. Finding myself in the middle of the two, you can imagine that I REALLY like the song.

Jamie Lidell – Multiply


One Response to “Weekly Jam! (5-28-07)”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I’m such a Lidell fan. As far as I can tell, his only US show is at Austin City Limits this summer. Bummer.

    He is so versatile. The industry usually tries to make artists have their own sound, but there’s none of that with this guy. He sounds like Prince one minute, Al Green the next…funky good all the time.

    BTW, I think next week’s jam should be a tribute to Phil Spector! :)

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