Weekly Jam! (6-4-07)

It’s that time of year again! The time of year when I find myself putting my musical ignorance on display for all the world to see. I’m talking, of course, about The Festival of the Bluegrass. Being a fan of music in general, it’s hard not to love bluegrass music. Even those of us who heartlessly pretend to despise the music can be persuaded to cut a rug when the fiddle kicks up. Like so many other kids, I grew up with a bitter taste in my mouth when it came to bluegrass. It was, of course, the music of the old people… the stuff your grandmother listened to on the way home from church. I was entirely too busy pretending to know something about The Velvet Underground to give bluegrass a shot, it wasn’t cool and I wasn’t about to do ANYTHING that wasn’t cool.

Of course, as time passes you by it becomes easier to see the world outside of what you’ve read in CMJ that particular month… or for you modern kids, Pitchfork (or Tiny Mix Tapes, as I’m told that Pitchfork isn’t really that cool anymore). Cool doesn’t really matter like it used to, largely because as your hair begins to recede and your waistline expands, you’ve missed the boat on actually being cool. Unfortunately, as I began to accept my love for bluegrass music it actually became cool in some hippie circles… oh cruel fate.

Being a fan of the style, I thoroughly enjoy listening to it live, and there are few better opportunities to do that than our own Festival of the Bluegrass. So, in honor of our own native art form, June’s first Weekly Jam will be my loving tribute to bluegrass music, with a little help from J.D. Crowe.

J.D. Crowe – Mississippi River Raft


One Response to “Weekly Jam! (6-4-07)”

  1. Monsignor Henry Clay Says:

    You try driving to Catholic Mass listening to 104.9 on Sunday morning. Talk about a mindfuck! I’ve been heretical in many ways, but that one probably has to be my favorite. That and the fact that we had nuns who adopted a child and a gay crack head organist. Oh, the good old days of pre-apostasy!

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