Podcast: Round 2!

Here we go again, round two of the cory-graham.com podcasting excitement bonanza happy fun time!

Most of the feedback from my last go-round was positive, however, people seemed more interested in content vs. jams. Jams are an integral part of the cory-graham.com experience, but I’m certainly flattered to hear that you’d all like a little more substance in the show. So, it’s with a little bit of pride that I introduce the 2nd wave, complete with 20% more substance!

In the following 25 minutes, you’ll learn the answers to some of life’s most important questions:

* How did Nathan Johnson’s housewarming party go?

* Is The Movie Tavern worth the cost of admission?

* Did Knocked Up live up to the hype?

* Was there a deeper meaning to Pirates of the Caribbean 3?

* Is it hard out here for a pimp?

All of these stories, plus Andy Rooney, tonight on the cory-graham.com podcast.  For you Itunes savvy listeners, you should already have the hot new tracks waiting for you with the click of a button. If for some reason you’re bucking trends and fighting off the Itunes revolution, then a simple click of the link below will send 25 minutes of hot jams and non-stop excitement directly to your desktop. Enjoy!

Click HERE to download, or just click the play button below to stream right now!

Cory-Graham.com – Podcast 2


2 Responses to “Podcast: Round 2!”

  1. corygraham Says:

    Ok, as you’d imagine, there are problems with this already. The streaming audio takes forever, as the broadcast is really pretty long.

    When you click the download link (the big, blue HERE), you’ll be taken to rapidshare’s website. On the first page, click the button labeled “Free” at the bottom. From there you’ll find yourself on a page that asks you to input the code as you see it on the screen. From there, you should just be able to type in the code and hit the enter key to start your download.

    You don’t actually have to sign up for anything, despite how it looks.

    It’s much easier if you use Itunes and subscribe… but I can understand not wanting to install an entire program just for lil’ ol me.

  2. Brinton Says:

    People that really care will jump through the hoops.

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