Weekly Jam (6-18-07)

When any great tragedy affects a community, we pull together. We take steps to make our way out of the darkness and into the light. In my life, I’ve found two methods of coping that bring me comfort and ease my pain… attempting to remember life before tragedy struck and diving into a pile of records. That normalcy, in the face of a situation that may never be normal again, can bring incredible comfort. As can that dusty old pile of records in your corner.

I spend a lot of time on this site talking about music in general. It’s not just because I’m a fan, it’s because music has power. Music has brought down empires, enriched lives and given strength to the weak. Whether it’s the chant of a downtrodden labor movement, the exuberance of a church on Sunday or the call for revolution, music profoundly touches our lives each day. Think back to a tragic or wonderful moment of your life, if you think hard enough, you can probably recall what was playing on the radio at the time.

Live music lets us bond with like-minded people, gives us momentary bliss and allows for a break in the awkwardness of a first date. In a church, live music can lift the spirit, while in that same church it can mourn the dead. Your records can give you hope on a lonely night, score the greatest party you’ve ever attended or comfort you in times of need. Subconsciously, we even tie certain songs to certain times of our lives, hearing them years later and experiencing them again.

That is why I care so much about music, and why it means so much to share it with you.

Today (Sunday), a great man was laid to rest. Certainly a cause to mourn and a time for reflection, but in my opinion, more of a cause to celebrate a life and carry on as we know he would want us to do. When I lost my grandmother a few years ago, I chose a song for her funeral that was, at the least, a little unusual. Not many ladies in this part of the country head to their final resting place to the tune of a Blur song. But it wasn’t a desire to be unusual, or a feeling to set her ceremony apart from the rest that compelled me to choose this particular song. It was the message, a message that we’ll get through this, a message that love is the greatest thing we have.

So, in honor of a wonderful life cut too short, and with eyes looking to the future, I’d like to share that song with the Lacy family. Our lives are precious, and far too short. But while we are given the privilege to stand here together we must remember that love is the greatest thing we have… and the greatest thing that we ever will.

Blur – Tender (For the Lacy family, and my grandmother)


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