Just to Settle a Few Things…

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been mocked for loudly proclaiming a specific album to be “the best ever,” I’d have nearly enough money to start my own record label.  I love music, I desperately love music.  I love music enough to insist that it’s great, even when it may only be slightly above average.  Since I’ve never been one to hide my opinions (and since my ego is grandiose enough to think you’d actually care), I’ve decided to take the only logical step and compile the “Cory-Graham (dot) Com Official Top 100 Albums of All-Time” list.

Now, before you scoff at the idea, let me point something out.  This is a massive project.  Just combing through the record collection, Ipod and memory banks to come to a list of my favorite 100 albums is an incredible task.  Following that up with cute, tersely cogent snippets about why these albums stand where they do is an entirely different animal.  This list is blood, sweat and tears… late nights and long drives later, it exists.

… and I’m sure that you think it sucks.

Keep in mind, this is my ACTUAL top 100 of all time.  These are the albums that I dearly love, not the albums that I routinely declare to be a masterpiece.  I’ve stripped down all pretension, I’ve washed away the need to feel “hipster cool,” I’ve made the real list.  There may be a couple of surprises, or not, depending on how well you actually know me.  However, at the end of the day, it’s all subjective.  I look forward to hearing exactly what it is that I’ve done wrong, which albums shouldn’t have been omitted, which are overrated and which are just plain awful.

If nothing else, it’s fun.

I’ll be sending these up the flagpole in groups of 20, as it would be absolutely ridiculous to publish one gigantic top 100 list.  One day at a time, I’ll toss out 20 records, in order, counting down to the Cory-approved best album ever made.  We’ll start right away (maybe this afternoon, maybe tomorrow morning… who knows), finishing up on Thursday of next week, barring any sort of accident or complication.

Brace yourself, the rock is coming… and to those of you that hate it when I ramble on and on about records, I’m very sorry.  You might want to check back in a week.


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