When did Kelly Clarkson Become a Rock Star?

I can remember the first time that I heard Since You’ve Been Gone, it was catchy, it was addictive and I had to know what up and coming starlet was belting it out. You can imagine my surprise when I came to discover that it wasn’t an up and coming pop star… it was actually “that girl that won the American Idol thing.” From that moment, I started to pay attention to Clarkson’s career, curious as to whether or not this decidedly un-American Idol jam was or was not a fluke.

Of course, I did all of this under a veil of secrecy… I couldn’t possibly let people know that I was rocking out to such “pop trash.” I mean, where are the blips and beeps? As time progressed, I slowly outed myself… mostly in those situations where a song comes on the radio and both parties say, “eh, you can change that if you want,” but somehow the song never switches. It’s at that moment that you and your comrade officially come out of the closet, accepting each other for who you are… a Kelly Clarkson fan.

Kelly Clarkson – Since You’ve Been Gone

Then, in the Spring of 2007, something mysterious began to unfold…

Suddenly, we began to hear stories of epic feuds between Clarkson and record mogul Clive Davis. Davis clearly wasn’t happy with the new record. He openly mocked Clarkson’s songwriting abilities, even taking the stage during the American Idol finale to promote industry songwriters, snubbing Clarkson in what was clearly an intentional slap in the face. Much to the surprise of pretty much everyone, Clarkson refused to back down. She released the record as-is, fired her manager and struck out on her own.

Her new single, Never Again, is commanding a strong hold on the Billboard Charts, and quite frankly, rocks. This got me thinking… is Kelly Clarkson the closest thing to an “indie” act currently on a major label? By major label, I don’t mean an indie label owned by a major label… I mean Sony Records… a damn big label. Where did this chick find all of this maxi, and can I have some? Kelly, if you’re reading this, I have things to trade… how does a talking George W. Bush doll sound?

So, after a bit of soul searching I came to a realization. Of all the trash blasted through the television via Inside Edition and Extra, Kelly Clarkson has to be the only remaining positive role model for young girls left in this country. Think about it.

She can actually sing AND play an instrument. She’s beautiful, but not outrageously so… her body type is actually normal, in other words, very few girls will starve themselves to “look like Kelly Clarkson.” She has integrity, sticking up for herself and her music in the face of a musical powerhouse. Lastly, and most importantly, she writes GREAT pop songs… better than ANY recent output from any other pop-tart.

So, for the first time in ages, I’m going to buy an album. I plan on picking up a copy of My December, not just because I like the artist, not just because it’s a good way to stick it to the man, mostly because the first single absolutely rocks.

Kelly Clarkson – Never Again

… I certainly hope you’ll do the same.


One Response to “When did Kelly Clarkson Become a Rock Star?”

  1. Zack Says:

    Kelly Clarkson really does kick ass, she’s the only American Idol winner I will listen to because she seems to be the only one that has become bigger than the show.

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