Big Announcement!


There’s a new blog in town!

As if maintaining this one wasn’t enough of a chore, I’ve decided to further challenge myself by creating a brand new blog, just for you!  The title bar is pictured above, and the content is pretty much what you’d expect.  I’ll be writing about my childhood, growing up in a decade that rides the delicate line between absolutely fantastic and mercilessly tacky.  The 1980’s were a wonderful time to be alive, and an even better time to be a kid, so why not relive it?

The entries will probably be more personal, focusing more on what it was like being me in my formative years and less on what kick-ass rock band you should be listening to at the moment.  Hopefully I’ll jog a few of your memories loose in the process, allowing us all to bask in the day-glo glory of times past.  The link is to the right, but for those of you entirely too ornery to move the mouse a few inches… 


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