I Made You An Awesome MixTape

I really miss the mix-tape. With iPods, nearly disposable blank CD’s and YouTube at our disposal, every party comes with a built-in jukebox. Don’t like the song? Skip it. Hell, just skip around until you hear something you already know. Long gone are the days when friends shared their favorite songs on a pocket-sized, heavy duty rectangle of rock… but that’s all about to change.

For, you see, I made you an awesome Summertime mix-tape!

Just click the link below to download Sides A & B and enjoy!

Your Awesome Summertime Mix – Side A

Your Awesome Summertime Mix – Side B

Curious as to what you’re hearing? Well, never fear, I made you an awesome Summertime insert to go with it!


Now, sit back and enjoy. Don’t bother trying to hit the “skip” button, you’ll have to rely on good old-fashioned “fast forward” if you want to plow through something. But why would you want to? This is Cory-Graham.com, home of the greatest jams in the world!

Enjoy, share, and feel free to copy it on to an actual cassette tape of your very own.


3 Responses to “I Made You An Awesome MixTape”

  1. Zack Says:

    I’ll download this when I’m not at work but this is a really creative blog. Kudos.

  2. Jefffffffff Says:

    LOVE the “summertime mix” font.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Cory, is your age group the last to be truly famiiar with cassette tapes? I’m guessing whippersnappers like Zack have never purchased a casette tape.

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