Weekly Jam! (8-13-07)

Your Weekly Jam! for the 2nd week of August may be the most unexpected one yet!

I’m not much of a Wilco fan, nor am I a Beatles fan. So, it’s certainly a surprise to see me wheel out a new Wilco song that sounds almost exactly like an old Paul McCartney song. I guess sometimes I just feel the need to keep you guys on your toes.

This week’s Weekly Jam! is from the latest Wilco release, Sky Blue Sky. The song, Hate It Here, has quickly become one of my favorites of the year, getting back to what Wilco should have been doing since day one… writing great songs. With their “experimental” days now behind them (I now await the deluge of comments either claiming that their new music is equally experimental or that their best work was in the “experimental days”), the other half of Uncle Tupleo has decided to bless us with the sounds that Tupelo fans have longed for.

Hate It Here is funny and slightly upbeat, while addressing a dreadfully sad subject. Nearly every man that I can think of can relate to this considerably better version of Trace Adkins’ Every Light In The House Is On. Enjoy!

Wilco – Hate It Here


2 Responses to “Weekly Jam! (8-13-07)”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Like R Kelly, Cory has been trapped in the closet, but now, he has seen the light in the sky (blue sky) and realized what Jeff and I have said all along: he is an idiot.

    Oh, and he’s also realizing the other thing we’ve been saying: Wilco is amazing.

    Glad to read that you like this song. While you’re at it, check out “Impossible Germany” and “On and On and On.”

  2. Daylan Says:

    You are My Face is probably my fave of the whole album. It comes in the middle with a pretty rocking scene, that has already been picjed up by tv commercials.

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