Why Do I Have Kenny Chesney Tickets?

I knew that this morning was going to be strange, but nothing really prepared me…

During the waning hours of last night I found myself having a bit of an epiphany about my life, my future and the world around me.  Hot on the heels of that experience, I bounded out of my slumber this morning feeling refreshed in a way I hadn’t in months (the fact that my cold/flu from hell seemed to be subsiding certainly didn’t hurt).  Upon my arrival at work, I started the day the same way I do every day.  I had a coke, a little breakfast, and decided to catch up on the news.

“Noel Gallagher threatened with knife by man in wheelchair while drinking Absenthe backstage at a Marilyn Manson show,” ok… nothing too odd there.  “Paris Hilton adopts bearded guru famous for appearances on My Name Is Earl to add credibility,” sure… I’ll take that.  Then, like most mornings, Kevin sends me a message via Gmail.  “Kenny Chesney is playing The Dame on Friday.”   What?  Kenny Chesney, the biggest star in all of country music, is playing the rat-hole, 400 occupancy club in downtown Lexington, KY?  Apparently he is.

For the next hour, you would have truly thought that not only did I like Kenny Chesney, that I must be his biggest fan.  I found myself so whipped into a frenzy with the idea of getting tickets to a show that absolutely no one would get into, that it began to consume me.  As word spread like wildfire through the radio and newspaper, I became fixated on something I never thought I’d care about even slightly… I HAD to have tickets to the Kenny Chesney show.  Roughly 90 minutes later, I had them, but now what?

I spoke to The Drake, who informed me that everyone he knew was frantically trying to get their hands on them.  I spoke to Ninja Nathan, who didn’t take into account a case-sensitive character verification system and missed tickets by seconds.  I talked to Brinton, who just didn’t seem to care.  So why is it, with the entire world (seriously, this thing was even mentioned on the front page of the Washington Post site) trying to get into a Kenny Chesney show, I ended up with tickets?

The world may never know the answer to that question, but more importantly, I now have two tickets to see Kenny Chesney.  Offers to be my date will be accepted below.


15 Responses to “Why Do I Have Kenny Chesney Tickets?”

  1. David Keller Says:

    Would you consider selling them? I am not sure how the Dame does their ticketing. I work in the music business, but live in Georgetown. My wife’s birthday is Saturday and I would love to take her, but of course it is sold out.

    Care to help, since you obviously don’t even like Kenny, lol. Great story though!

  2. corygraham Says:

    If you come back through here and see this message, feel free to email me at grahamcory@bellsouth.net. I’m open to selling them, just testing the waters for interest. I checked Craigslist and it appears that a single ticket is going for $300, and a set was going for $1,000 on eBay earlier today. Just email me with an offer and I’ll see if we can work it out.

  3. Vickie :) Says:

    You know that I am always available to be your date! :) Also, I need to speak to you about our Bruce show, so give me a call when you get a chance.

  4. The Dame Says:

    Rat hole, eh?

    Nick Sprouse

    Talent Buyer
    The Dame

  5. Lono Says:

    though I have ZERO interest in Kenny Chesney or any country music (that part can not be stated strongly enough)… dude seems like a decent guy. It’s probably a really fun show even if you don’t know the music.

    quite amusingly just north of my comment, it seems you caught the eye of the venue’s booking person. She may not be amused. Needless to say, this makes me super amused.

  6. Cory Says:

    I should clarify that calling The Dame a rat hole is in no way a negative comment. I happen to think that the only rock bars worth attending are rat hole bars. In fact, let us not forget how outstanding the “rat hole” of CBGB was… before the gift shop became larger than the actual bar.

    No offense to The Dame, I’ve seen some fantastic shows there. I guess I’m just not accustomed to these entries drawing the attention of people other than my friends. Sorry Dame, I love you and I thank you for providing me with an Animal Collective show!

  7. Cindy Says:

    Hysterical! I tried to get tickets, too! Set the alarm on my cell phone so that I would be ready at 10:00 am. I am a country girl who would understand how someone could think “his tractor’s sexy”.

    Anyway…still have those tickets?

  8. Alicia Says:

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  9. Jill Says:

    Well, I would argue with anyone that I was the biggest Kenny Chesney fan around. I know there are many others who would argue with me, but I truly feel that way. I’m pretty sure that I scared my co workers yesterday when I couldn’t get tickets and I went frantically running up and down each floor (3 total) of where I work asking people to do me a favor and help me get tickets. They seen me at my lowest and worst point… no Kenny Chesney tickets.

    Even the job I had before this one, I was constantly defending him on a daily basis and they said I should be the president of his fan club, not just a member. Yes, I’m obsessed… I am a true fan who would die at the chance to see him up close like that. I’ve seen him 10 times already (I know that’s a lot of times, but I’ve never been up close to him), but they’ve been at Rupp and Freedom Hall. I did get the chance to touch him once at Freedom Hall, but that’s as close as I’ve came. I almost cried that night, so I could only imagine what I would do if I were in a room as small as The Dame with him.

    I’m broken hearted and couldn’t even eat my lunch yesterday. I actually already have a couple of Keith Urban tickets that I’d be willin to make a deal for if you’re interested, or if you just want to see a grown woman cry, that’d work too… :) If you’re serious about letting go of the golden tickets, I’m serious about making a deal!!!

  10. jim Says:

    i will give you $350.00 for 1 ticket.

  11. jim Says:

    never mind cory, i just bought 1 off of craigs list.

  12. Christina Says:

    So, Name your price? It is pathetic how desperate I am! I’ve looked all over the internet but, I cant find any for sale! So..If you still have them..email me pleaaaase!

  13. Kevin Says:

    I will give you $1 million for them.

  14. jeffffff Says:

    i can’t believe you’ve attracted this many people to your blog. somehow i think posts with fela kuti or pre-shit-modest-mouse in the headline wouldn’t bring as many onlookers!

  15. Aaron Says:

    Apparently the Obadiah Parker link works on http://www.aaronsaylor.com now… check it out!

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