College Football is Upon Us!

Back in the day, when dinosaurs roamed the landscape and John McCain was but a spry young man, I kept a regularly updated blog entitled “Blogjammin’.”  One feature of that blog (one of my favorites, much to the chagrin of many readers) was to make weekly predictions on select NFL and collegiate football matchups, picking winners and keeping track of how I’d done throughout the season.  Unfortunately, my own laziness let that tradition fade away last season… which is why I’m bringing it back this year!

The NFL picks will have to wait until next week, as the NFL is making us wait until next week for actual games (and there is no way that I’m going to pick pre-season games).  So, let’s take a look at a few interesting match ups coming our way this weekend, complete with my picks for those gamblers looking for advice from a guy that doesn’t know what he’s doing.

This year, just for my own amusement, I’m adding a new feature.  I’ll start the season with $10,000 in fake money, making wagers on each game with the fake cash.  Will I win enough to make that fake trip to Hawaii?  Will I be begging for spare change by week 2?  Stay tuned to find out!

College Picks of the Week:

Louisiana-Monroe at Auburn

Line:  Auburn by 26.5  Over/Under:  48

Bet:  The Over

Why:  With the fervor over Georgia causing SEC watchers to foam at the mouth in search of the next team to knock off Ohio State in the title game, Auburn is flying under the radar.  Here’s the real deal, Auburn is going to be very good this year, Louisiana-Monroe isn’t.  Even with the line set at a massive 26.5, I’d still take Auburn in this one, but the over is the safe bet… especially when you consider that it’s entirely possible to see the Tigers put up that many points on their own.

Wager:  $200 on the over

Illinois at Missouri

Line:  Missouri by 8.5  Over/Under:  59.5

Bet:  Missouri

Why:  This might be a shaky pick, but I believe that we’re seeing a statement game from the Tigers.  Missouri isn’t just out to win the Big 12 this year, they’re out to win it all, and with a ton of returning starters and the awe-inspiring Chase Daniel at the helm they could very well do it.  Illinois is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but that’s exactly why Missouri is going to win this one by double digits.  After all, this is NCAA football, a win isn’t a win unless it’s by thousands of points.

Wager:  $50 on Missouri

Syracuse at Northwestern

Line:  Northwestern by 11  Over/Under:  58

Bet:  Northwestern

Why:  Northwestern is going to be good this year.  The Wildcats have a wide-open offense with a Colt Brennan Jr. quarterback in CJ Bacher.  The running game is solid, the receivers are solid, the team has legitimate potential.  Add to that the fact that Syracuse sucks… I mean, they REALLY suck.  A normal team could take advantage of Northwestern’s total lack of defense, but do do that the Orange would need some kind of offense, which they don’t have.

Wager:  $500 on Northwestern

USC at Virginia

Line:  USC by 19.5  Over/Under:  45.5

Bet:  Virginia

Why:  USC is a great team, there is no doubt about that.  However, they aren’t the USC of old.  Virginia might not be the best team in the country, or even the ACC… or even the state of Virginia, but they’re good enough not to be blown out by 20 points at home.  Since this is a game of numbers, and not “pick the winner,” you’ve got to go with the Cavaliers in this one.  USC might win by 10-15, but I can’t see a 20 point trouncing in their future.

Wager:  $100 on Virginia

Tennessee at UCLA

Line:  Tennessee by 7  Over/Under:  46.5

Bet:  Tennessee

Why:  This might be the biggest “HUH!?” moment of the week.  Tennessee is a fantastic football team this season, loaded with returning starters, a massive offensive line and a ground game that could potentially take over any situation.  UCLA, conversely, is young and inexperienced.  The Vols are coming into this game with national titles on their mind, UCLA is accepting their fate as a “rebuilding team.”  Tennessee wins this one handily.

Wager:  $500 on Tennessee

So, there you have it.  My official picks of the week.  For the record, I also like Utah over Michigan and Louisville over Kentucky… but not enough to put my hard-earned fake dollars down on the table.  It’s a big first week, with $1,350 on the line.  Nothing makes a game more exciting than having your reputation on the line with every snap, so let’s hope that this is the beginning of an incredible season that leaves me with enough fake money to buy and sell your fake asses.


One Response to “College Football is Upon Us!”

  1. Brinton Says:

    I was really expecting a larger number of wagers. Assuming you’re right 80% of the time it’ll take a long time for you to fake retire.

    Are you sure that line is right for the Tennessee game? You didn’t get mixed up and look up the soccer line did you?

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