Throwing Money Around (Week 2)

After a an abysmal performance last week, I’m back in the saddle in an attempt to turn $9,750 into a fake fortune. This week we’re going to tackle a few NFL games which means more money, more danger and even more intrigue! Enough lead-in, let’s go:

College Picks of the Week!

Northwestern at Duke

Line: Northwestern by 6.5 Over/Under: 43.5

Bet: Northwestern

Why: Well, they paid off last week, so let it ride! As I stated last week, Northwestern has a good football team this year, and as you may have read in the recap, Tyrell Sutton is awesome. They didn’t have much trouble covering against the lowly Orangemen, and now they’re going to repeat this performance against the (somehow) even lowlier Blue Devils. A man could likely make a killing just betting on Duke’s opponent to cover each week, even if they were playing the guys in my fantasy league (no, not the NFL players, the owners), I mean I hear that Shane is pretty fast!

Wager: $750 on Northwestern

Uconn at Temple

Line: Uconn by 6.5 Over/Under: 38

Bet: Uconn

Why: Two words… Donald Brown. Uconn is a lower-middle of the pack Big East team (a conference that is much tougher than it’s given credit for being) with one big star in the making. The Husky junior RB has been just on the cusp of the elusive 1000 yard season for the last two years, looking ready to break out at any moment. Last week, that moment may have arrived as he put up 146 yards and FOUR touchdowns against Hofstra. Now, you might be saying “So what? It’s freaking Hofstra!” To that I say, “So what? It’s freaking Temple!” Expect Brown to run wild on this Temple team, damn near beating them single-handedly.

Wager: $250 on Uconn

West Virginia at East Carolina

Line: WVU by 8 Over/Under: 49.5

Bet: West Virginia

Why: ECU looked decent in last week’s victory over Virginia Tech… however, this ain’t Virginia Tech. The Pirates come to the table with a mediocre passing game and a dual-back rushing attack that should give West Virgina fits for about half of the first quarter. After that, prepare for the fireworks. Look for Pat White and Noel Devine to make a mockery out of the ECU defensive line and expect to see “soon to be a household name” receiver Jock Sanders in the end-zone on more than one occasion. While VA Tech may have been surprised by the Pirates, WVU is familiar with the team and has seen it all before.

Bet: $250 on West Virginia

Miami at Florida

Line: Florida by 23 Over/Under: 51.5

Bet: Miami

Why: Ok, call me crazy but I can’t help but take the ‘Canes in this one. Florida is going to win, and they’re going to win big… but are they going to win by 24 points and cover the spread, I don’t think so. Despite crushing the Warriors, Tim Tebow didn’t look particularly impressive in the season opener, and Miami (even when they’re down) isn’t Hawaii. Miami isn’t the U of old, but they still have one of the best organizations in college football. Remember, this is a rivalry game and anything can happen, and if all else fails I’m sure that one of the Hurricanes has a shiv in his shoe.

Wager: $100 on Miami

Texas Tech at Nevada

Line: Texas Tech by 10 Over/Under: 67.5

Bet: The Over

Why: Sure, needing 68 total points is a hell of a demand to win a bet, but we’re looking at two teams with incredible firepower and without any trace of a defense. In week one the Raiders and Wolf Pack combined for a staggering 1,288 total yards and 98 points. Tech will be dominant through the air with QB Graham Harrell throwing for hundreds of yards on a weak Nevada defense. The roles will be flipped as the Wolf Pack’s deadly ground trio of RBs Taua and Fragger and QB Colin Kaepernick look to replicate their 237 yard/six touchdown performance from last week. Unless someone’s defense actually shows up, there’s no reason not to expect a combined 80 points, which makes this one worth a shot.

Wager: $150 on the over

NFL Picks of the Week!

Detroit Lions at Atlanta Falcons

Line: Detroit by 2.5

Bet: Detroit

Why: Atlanta is terrible. Just absolutely terrible. They’re resting the season on the shoulders of a rookie QB that will be taking his very first snap as a regular season starter this week and with no real weapons to speak of. On the other side of the coin, Detroit will be led onto the field by a QB that took his first snap sometime in the Knute Rockne era and a very interesting RB situation. Roy Williams can draw double coverage all day, leaving Calvin Johnson wide open to finally become the “Megatron” we’ve heard so much about. I fully expect this to be a slaughter, and I’m surprised as hell by the line… which means that I’m probably wrong.

Bet: $200 on Detroit

Seattle Seahawks at Buffalo Bills

Line:  Seattle by .5

Bet:  Seahawks

Buffalo’s offensive line isn’t in top-shape, limiting (possibly) the explosiveness of Marshawn Lynch and exploiting the please-God-don’t-kill-me-ness of Trent Edwards. If Lynch struggles, the Bills will need to rely on an aerial attack that frankly just isn’t there. The Seahawks have issues of their own (suspensions, injuries, question marks), but their defense should hold Buffalo in check long enough for Marty Crane’s favorite team to celebrate this week.

Bet: $200 on Seattle

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens

Line: Baltimore by .5

Bet: The Bengals

Why: What can I say, I love these .5 spreads! I don’t expect much from Cincinnati this year, but God knows I’m not expecting much from Baltimore either. The Raven defense isn’t what it used to be, but it’s still a formidable foe. However, I have faith in three things: 1. Joe Flacco isn’t yet ready to start in the NFL. 2. Ocho Cinco (do I REALLY have to call him that now?) wants to make a point in this game, and he will. 3. I believe in Chris Perry, I really do. I can’t say that I’m completely confident in this one, as the entire Bengals roster is equally likely to be arrested and/or beaten senseless by Ohio State fans in the parking lot as they are to show up for a game, but it’s worth a hundred bucks.

Wager: $100 on Cincinnati

Whew! The addition of the NFL has served to open up the fake wallet this week as my wagers have hit the $2,000 mark. Sure, it’s fake money, but it’s still nerve-wracking! Hopefully beefing up the wagers this week will make up for some of the damage from last Saturday (and Monday) and satisfy Brinton’s desire to see me throw away fake money at a much higher rate.

On a somewhat related note, Fantasy Football has now exploded onto the scene! Last night was a bit disappointing with Portis only accumulating 80 yards, but pleasantly surprising with Plax pulling down 133. I’d rather be going into my opening game (with Kevin) with more than 21 points from my No. 2 RB and WR, but I’ll take it. After all, 21 is better than nothing. So, say a little prayer for Torry Holt, Brian Westbrook and Thomas Jones this weekend… I’m going to need them.


3 Responses to “Throwing Money Around (Week 2)”

  1. shane Says:

    You can never go wrong picking the ‘Canes. I’m not sure about that Bills/Seahawks game though.

  2. Aaron Says:

    Cincy and Detroit are locks, but you forget the lock of the week… Dallas -3 at Cleveland. Also take a look at the Jets, laying points against Miami.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Nice Marty Crane reference …

    Ad I agree with Aaron that Dallas giving up 3 to Cleveland is a lock. The Browns should crash back to suckage this year.

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