FM… All The Hits With None of the Talk!

In the interest of doing something new and interesting, I’ve decided to add a few new developments to this ol’ website. For starters, notice the shiny new widget just over there to the right! Thanks to that handy gadget, you’ll be able to keep up with whatever the hell I’m thinking, instantly and sent directly from my Blackberry! Oh, but that’s not all…

The two most exciting features are yet to come. The first of which is the brand spankin’ new media player that you’ll see below. Just click for the pop-out window, and you’ll be handed a playlist chock-full of the songs that are currently blowing up my iPod. They may be brand new or decades old, but they’re jams that I feel compelled to share with you (enough so to go to the trouble to put them on here). So, give ’em a listen. You might see an old friend on there, or hear something brand new that shakes your testicles/ovaries right out of your body.

Finally, the grand finale. I’ll be testing this one out in just a couple of hours… and while it may be a total disaster, it’s worth a shot. I’ll be attempting to live blog for the first time in my life. No, not the old-school way that consisted of refreshing this window every few seconds, but actually running a real-time script on my page that will (allegedly) update fluidly to let you know what I’m wising off about at any given moment. Hopefully you’ll still love me if my experiment fails.

So, that’s it for now. I’m told that you can view the live blog recap at any time after it’s finished (for those of you that don’t stumble upon it in action). Here we go, racing at high speeds into technology familiar to normal people three years ago. Enjoy the jams!


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