Throwing Money Around (Week 6)

Wow, a whole week without a post. Yes, I’ve been slacking lately, but cut me a break. I’ve been sick as a dog with some kind of nasty cold. Yes, I saw the debate, and I’ll have some insight on that later, but for now I’m going to rock up my weekly recap of all things football and make my guaranteed-to-be-wrong picks for this coming week.

After wagering a small fortune last week, I managed to come up $500 to the positive. The college picks turned out nicely, but apparently I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to betting on professional football. This is the opposite of most weeks, when I seem to have success in the pro ranks, but fail at the college game. If there’s one lesson to be taken from all of this it’s that I’m just not very good at doing two things at once. So, here I sit at $8,350… inching my way back toward even, week by week. So, I’ll try again… surely this will be the week where my fortune is made.

Penn State at Purdue

Line: Penn State by 13

Bet: Penn State

Why: Last week PSU played its closest game of the year against a very high-powered Illinois team. The Illini fought bravely against Joe Pa and his lawn, but in the end the Lions’ offense proved to still be too much for anyone to handle, beating Illinois by fourteen when it was all said and done. Incidentally, that was the closest game anyone has even come close to playing with Penn State this year. So, now they’re off to face a Purdue team that, while not totally incompetent, isn’t as good as the Illinois team that they managed to clobber last weekend. Until someone gives me a reason not to, I’m taking the Lions in damn near any spread, as the worst they’ve given me this year is a push. Penn State wins this one by 20+ points.

Wager: $750 on Penn State

Florida State at Miami (FL)

Line: Miami by 2

Bet: Florida State

Why: Rumors are circulating that the Seminoles might actually be back this year… just ask their first two opponents (which they crushed by nearly 100 points combined). Miami, however, is still rebuilding. The ‘Canes aren’t bad; in fact they’re going to be pretty respectable in the next couple of years. Unfortunately for Miami, we aren’t playing this game in the future, so you’ve got to take FSU on this one. Being that the game is at Miami, there’s a certain element of “trap game” to this matchup, but Joe Paterno snagged the all-time wins record (again… sigh) last week, so look for Bowden’s boys to come out roaring to bring it back… until the next week when this absurd, geriatric soap opera continues.

Wager: $500 on Florida State

Texas Tech at Kansas State

Line: Tech by 7

Bet: Texas Tech

Why: Have you SEEN how many points the Red Raiders are hanging on teams this year? Their weakest offering was against a pretty respectable Nevada team in which they still put up 35 points and won by 16. With an over/under of 64.5, it’s really tempting to bet the over, as both of these teams have the ability to put up 40 points in their sleep, but I think the safe bet here is to go with Tech covering the spread, dealing a double digit loss to Kansas State. Yet another potential trap game, I see a big day for the Texas Tech offense.

Wager: $500 on Texas Tech

Navy at Air Force

Line: Air Force by 5

Bet: Navy

Why: Hmm, The Drake joins the Navy and suddenly the Midshipmen are fielding a pretty damned good football team. Coincidence, or is our beloved buddy Greg not REALLY defending us from terrorists, but actually coaching a college team and just keeping it all under wraps? I’ve heard of “Black Ops” before, but this one might take the cake. Normally I don’t wager on these military rivalries, they’re unpredictable and more importantly both teams tend to suck every year. However, Navy doesn’t suck this year. They’ve dropped games to Ball State and Duke (shockingly… no, really shockingly neither of those teams are that bad this year either), but managed to knock off Rutgers and beat Wake Forest at home. The Air Force defense just won’t be capable of shutting down Shun White (not a typo, his name really is “Shun”), who has quietly amassed the nation’s 3rd most rushing yards. Navy wins this one, and when you’re the underdog that’s all that matters.

Wager: $1000 on The Drake

Ohio State at Wisconsin

Line: Pick

Bet: Ohio State

Why: It’s a damn pick, that’s why. Look at it this way, you just need Ohio State to WIN the game and you’re in the money. Now, I’m not going to say that I have any real faith that OSU actually WILL win the game, and they certainly won’t by much. But I do think that they have the better team, and if logic prevails, the better team SHOULD win the football game. Ohio State lost to USC, Wisconsin lost to Michigan and barely eeked out a win over Fresno State. I’ll take the Buckeyes to win, but not by much.

Wager: $250 on Ohio State

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles

Line: Pick

Bet: Philly

Why: The Philly defense is one of the best in the country, and while the ‘Skins have started to click offensively, they’ve yet to run into something quite like what the Eagles are bringing to the table. Clinton Portis will be lucky to pull down sixty yards on the ground this Sunday, and the Philadelphia corners will shut down Randle El and Santana Moss in the same way they shut down Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes in week 3. With Brian Westbrook back in the equation, the Eagles’ can open up the field to hand out big games to an expanding depth at WR (with Reggie Brown back in the picture). It may not be the prettiest game of the year, but the Eagles don’t drop this one at home.

Wager: $1000 on Philly

Just four grand on the line this week, so not a lot of room for error. The matchups just weren’t favorable enough to warrant throwing a huge amount of money around, so I’ll just play it safe. Tune in next week to hear me bitch about losing $4000 on “favorable matchups” from this week.


3 Responses to “Throwing Money Around (Week 6)”

  1. shane Says:

    I like Miami at home against the Noles. Of course that’s not really much of a surprise as I always like Miami at home. And on the road. And at neutral sites.

    This looks like a good week for college football except for one thing: FSU at Miami, Stanford at Notre Dame and UK at Alabama are all on at the same time. My remote control is going to hate my guts by Saturday night.

  2. Kevin Says:

    I’m not speaking to you just because you picked Ohio State and wagered fake money on them and will now have to fake cheer for them. Go fake yourself, Mr. Graham.

  3. brandy Says:

    kind of fake..

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