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You’ve Gotta Stay Positive

May 29, 2008

The fourth release from Brooklyn’s own The Hold Steady will be on the shelves in a matter of weeks, and an early spin or twenty reveals one thing… this is NOT Boys & Girls In America. In Stay Positive we see the band dive into the darker side of love and the shattered lives it can often leave behind. As if transported back to the days of Separation Sunday, Finn’s lyrics are particularly rooted in Christian iconography, perhaps more than ever before. The nature of sex, relationships, drugs and rock & roll takes form in messengers from Jesus Christ to Judas Iscariot, with innocence dying on a crucifix in the back of a bar in Ybor City. (more…)


Already? No, Really… Already!?

March 18, 2008

While I’m very well aware that many of you hate it when I step up onto the soapbox and prattle on for hours about music, you just have to face facts… I’m a guy who likes records. Since Brinton gave birth to Tweak the EQ, I’ve not only become more interested in albums, I’ve taken an obsessive interest in reviewing them, so in preparation for my final top 20 of the year, I thought it would be fun to check in at every quarter to let you know what records were in the running. After all, what’s fun about a top 20 list of albums if you haven’t heard them!?

Why am I doing this? Well, for strictly personal and ornery reasons… have you heard the music released this year? I’m making this list with apologies to Glass Candy, Ghostface, Gnarls Barkley, Erykah Badu, Evangelicals, Flogging Molly, British Sea Power, Crystal Castles, Atlas Sound, Hercules & Love Affair and a few other forgotten bands. Seriously, this year is THAT good. Do you expect me to remember all of this when I make the definitive list of 2008?

So, brace yourself for the very first installment of four top ten lists to be thrust upon you quarterly… 20 of which will most likely be the best of the year (unless there’s some sort of mathematical/time-space oddity that changes the entire face of mankind… wait, they’re trying that with Lost, I’ll need a new plot development for my blog):

(For the record, RIYL is short for “Recommended If You Like”) (more…)

Why Do I Have Kenny Chesney Tickets?

March 5, 2008

I knew that this morning was going to be strange, but nothing really prepared me…

During the waning hours of last night I found myself having a bit of an epiphany about my life, my future and the world around me.  Hot on the heels of that experience, I bounded out of my slumber this morning feeling refreshed in a way I hadn’t in months (the fact that my cold/flu from hell seemed to be subsiding certainly didn’t hurt).  Upon my arrival at work, I started the day the same way I do every day.  I had a coke, a little breakfast, and decided to catch up on the news.

“Noel Gallagher threatened with knife by man in wheelchair while drinking Absenthe backstage at a Marilyn Manson show,” ok… nothing too odd there.  “Paris Hilton adopts bearded guru famous for appearances on My Name Is Earl to add credibility,” sure… I’ll take that.  Then, like most mornings, Kevin sends me a message via Gmail.  “Kenny Chesney is playing The Dame on Friday.”   What?  Kenny Chesney, the biggest star in all of country music, is playing the rat-hole, 400 occupancy club in downtown Lexington, KY?  Apparently he is.

For the next hour, you would have truly thought that not only did I like Kenny Chesney, that I must be his biggest fan.  I found myself so whipped into a frenzy with the idea of getting tickets to a show that absolutely no one would get into, that it began to consume me.  As word spread like wildfire through the radio and newspaper, I became fixated on something I never thought I’d care about even slightly… I HAD to have tickets to the Kenny Chesney show.  Roughly 90 minutes later, I had them, but now what?

I spoke to The Drake, who informed me that everyone he knew was frantically trying to get their hands on them.  I spoke to Ninja Nathan, who didn’t take into account a case-sensitive character verification system and missed tickets by seconds.  I talked to Brinton, who just didn’t seem to care.  So why is it, with the entire world (seriously, this thing was even mentioned on the front page of the Washington Post site) trying to get into a Kenny Chesney show, I ended up with tickets?

The world may never know the answer to that question, but more importantly, I now have two tickets to see Kenny Chesney.  Offers to be my date will be accepted below.

The Music of the Moment – 2/11/08

February 11, 2008

More album reviews… you’ve probably already stopped reading

To prevent myself from rambling on and on about the past/present/future of Democratic politics, I think I’ll yammer on for a bit about a few albums currently cluttering up the airspace around my ears. Some good, some not so great, some completely unnecessary, but all have one thing in common… they are in fact collections of songs pressed onto discs then uploaded into my iPod for later consumption.


The Music of The Moment – 1/22/08

January 22, 2008

Just because I feel like it, I’ve taken up the idea of reviewing more records on this site. Lately I’ve had time, lots of time, and with an operational iPod and turntable I’ve commenced an almost unprecedented march through the mountains of albums I’ve accumulated in the last few months. With football and politics growing stale, I want to highlight some of the auditory wonders keeping me company these days, but I’m not just going to focus on the new jams… essentially, if I want to review a Led Zeppelin record, I will.

For our first installment I’ve got four albums to share with you. Three of which are fairly new, one not so much. Either way, they’re the four albums that are currently burning up my living room, my car and my workplace. Hopefully you’ll notice something you like in here and give it a try, or maybe even a second listen. Either way, I’ll probably be doing quite a bit of it, so please excuse me if you hate it! (more…)

Your 2007 Recap O’ Jams

December 27, 2007

Few things amuse me more than creating lists of things that I like. As the year winds down, offering a clean slate to us all to do with as we wish, I’d like to cap off a rather tumultuous year with something that always brings a smile to my face… music. For your reading (and hopefully listening) pleasure, I now present the top 20 albums of 2007. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed a few of these through the year, and if you haven’t I’d strongly suggest that you give a few of them a try. (more…)

I Made You An Awesome MixTape

August 10, 2007

I really miss the mix-tape. With iPods, nearly disposable blank CD’s and YouTube at our disposal, every party comes with a built-in jukebox. Don’t like the song? Skip it. Hell, just skip around until you hear something you already know. Long gone are the days when friends shared their favorite songs on a pocket-sized, heavy duty rectangle of rock… but that’s all about to change.

For, you see, I made you an awesome Summertime mix-tape!

Just click the link below to download Sides A & B and enjoy!

Your Awesome Summertime Mix – Side A

Your Awesome Summertime Mix – Side B

Curious as to what you’re hearing? Well, never fear, I made you an awesome Summertime insert to go with it!


Now, sit back and enjoy. Don’t bother trying to hit the “skip” button, you’ll have to rely on good old-fashioned “fast forward” if you want to plow through something. But why would you want to? This is, home of the greatest jams in the world!

Enjoy, share, and feel free to copy it on to an actual cassette tape of your very own.

What Are YOU Doing This Sunday?

August 3, 2007

Got plans for the weekend?  Surely you don’t… surely you don’t plan far enough ahead of time to actually have something going on this Sunday.

Well, if you’re free, please allow me to invite you to attend Sonic Muse Fest in Covington, KY!


It’s just up the road, and jam-packed with rock n’ roll excitement!

The doors open at 2 PM, and it’s an all-day event for a measly 20 bucks.  You’ll be treated to life-affirming rock music from Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, The Hold Steady, Matt & Kim and a whole host of bands that I’ve never actually heard before.

The list of readers planning on making the trip is growing by the second, so jump on board quickly… cars are being filled as we speak.

When did Kelly Clarkson Become a Rock Star?

July 6, 2007

I can remember the first time that I heard Since You’ve Been Gone, it was catchy, it was addictive and I had to know what up and coming starlet was belting it out. You can imagine my surprise when I came to discover that it wasn’t an up and coming pop star… it was actually “that girl that won the American Idol thing.” From that moment, I started to pay attention to Clarkson’s career, curious as to whether or not this decidedly un-American Idol jam was or was not a fluke.

Of course, I did all of this under a veil of secrecy… I couldn’t possibly let people know that I was rocking out to such “pop trash.” I mean, where are the blips and beeps? As time progressed, I slowly outed myself… mostly in those situations where a song comes on the radio and both parties say, “eh, you can change that if you want,” but somehow the song never switches. It’s at that moment that you and your comrade officially come out of the closet, accepting each other for who you are… a Kelly Clarkson fan.

Kelly Clarkson – Since You’ve Been Gone



July 6, 2007

It’s finally here! Shockingly, this project has actually managed to stay relatively close to “on track.” The votes have been tabulated (which wasn’t that hard, as I was the only voter), and your official Top 20 Albums Of All Time are ready!

Click here!

Thank you United States Air Force Band for that incredibly long drum solo without a big splash at the end (you’d be amazed to learn how difficult it is to find a drum solo on short notice)! Now, the records!