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John Calipari: Fact or Fiction.

December 22, 2009

In the wake of and leading up to the University of Kentucky’s 2000th victory, the usual snakes slithered from under the usual rocks to take the usual shots at UK Coach John Calipari.  It seems that every has-been and never-was in the game feels compelled to bless us with their half-baked opinions on what exactly makes Coach Cal such “slime,” such a “scumbag” or any other negative adjective.  The greatest purveyors of this trash seem to come directly from the top, that rogue’s gallery of “analysts” currently employed by ESPN.  In a week when UK faithful should have been enjoying a moment of unprecedented success, Big Blue Nation was forced to ball up its collective fists in anger as the ever-charming likes of Bobby Knight, Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, Pat Forde, Jemele Hill and Jay Mariotti fired shots across the bow, questioning not only the character of the coach, but of the fans and the university itself. (more…)


One Whining Moment

May 29, 2009

Today, a few hours removed from the brou-ha-ha that has become the Memphis basketball scandal, the clouds are beginning to part.  While the initial headlines grabbed attention and attempted to convict John Calipari of everything from kidnapping the Lindbergh baby to starting the Chicago fire, the reality of the situation is far less damning than the media would currently have us believe.

For what currently seems like an eternity, I’ve listened to ESPN broadcasts and various news sources prattle on about this “eighteen-page letter” sent to the Memphis Athletic Department featuring “major allegations” against the Memphis basketball team.  We’ve re-hashed a collection of flimsy-at-best charges against John Calipari, raining on the parade of blissful Kentucky fans and perhaps worst of all, we’ve had to endure Pat Forde skulking around the greater Lexington area in what I can only imagine is a trench coat and a fedora, carrying a magnifying glass.  I’m sorry Mr. Forde, but I’ll take a pass on the ethics lessons from a writer who may or may not have served a two-month suspension from the Courier-Journal for trying to submarine the UofL basketball program just to further his own career. (more…)